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Lima restaurants & bistros

Lima is home to many restaurants, national and international. You must try the local comida criolla, (domestic or South American food, spiced meats, seafood, or poultry). The seafood is excellent, Peru borders the Pacific Ocean, which is very rich in seafood and fish. This and a huge variety of ingredients from coast, mountain and Amazon regions makes the Peruvian cuisine very tasteful. Fish and seafood restaurants are therefore worth the visit, and besides that they are not expensive. Lima's, Peru's international cuisine is a mix of the old Spanish colonial past in combination with the influence and ingredients of African, European, Chinese, and Japanese immigrants. Try Creole food, Chifas, Cebicherias, and Pollerias.

Lima is known as the gastronomical Capital of the Americas.

Restaurants Saqra Lima

Restaurants Saqra
Avenida La Paz 646
Lima, Peru
Tel.: 0051(0)1 6508884
cuisine: Mediterranean, Peruvian

Central Restaurante Lima

Central Restaurante
Calle Santa Isabel 376
Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Tel.: 0051(0)1 2428515
cuisine: Peruvian

Restaurante Rigoletto Lima

Restaurante Rigoletto
Calle Colon 161-C
Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Tel.: 0051(0)1 4443046
cuisine: Italian

Cafe Colombia Lima

Cafe Colombia
La Paz 646
Lima, Peru
Tel.: 0051(0)1 2430285
cuisine: Colombian

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