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Lima, the Garden City

Lima is Peru's capital and it's also the capital of the provence of Lima. The city has about 4 million inhabitants and is the largest in Peru. Lima was founded by Francisco Pizarro on January the 18th, 1535, he named it la Ciudad de los Reyes, in English "the City of Kings". Today, around one-third of the Peruvian population lives in the metropolitan area. The National University of San Marcos, founded on May the 12th, 1551, is the oldest university in North & South America. The Historic Center of Lima, most of the buildings are from the Spanish Colonial era, the archeological sites and several pre-Inca cities on the outskirts of the city, such as Cajamarquilla and Pachacamac, are the major attractions in Lima, next to the museums, nightlife, art galleries, festivals, beaches and traditions.

Must see:
the beautiful historical buildings with balconies
the plazas from the days of the Spaniards
the Sanctuary of Las Nazarenas
the Monastery of San Francisco
the Plaza Mayor
the Covenant of Santo Domingo
the Palace of Torre Tagle  (containing paintings, Sevilian tile, and sculpted wood furnishings)
the Cathedral of Lima (with paintings, Sevilian tile, and sculpted wood furnishings)
the churches and convents

The beautiful gardens and parks of Lima:
Parque de la Cultura
Parque del Amor
Parque El Olivar
Parque Combate de Altao
Parque Kennedy
Parque de la Muralla
Parque Principal

The climate is a mild and comfortable one, this is because Lima's location at the Pacific Ocean, temperatures rarely fall below 12C (54F) or rise above 29C (84F) throughout the year. Summer is from December through April, and winter from June through October. Water temperatures along the coast are around 1719C (6366F), but recently the water gets much warmer, around 26C (79F).

Electricity in Lima and other towns is 220 volts, 60 cycles.

One of the beautiful gardens in Lima

Government Plaza in Lima

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